Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

GhostKitties: Custom Memorial Dolls For Your Dearly Departed Feline

Etsy is usually my go-to stop for finding unique, handmade cat goods, and I have to say that GhostKitties are probably the most unusual item I've discovered yet! The memorial dolls are custom made, and are designed to help keep your cat's spirit alive, even after death.

Designer M.T. Balles tells me that she first started making the cats about six years ago, and explains the inspiration behind them:

"I had two cats at the time, Selkirk and Ishtar, and they were really fabulous cats. I just started thinking about how I had always lived with cats (I come from a long line of cat lovers!), and the memories came back of all my sweet little kitties. The ones I had when I was a very little girl, the one that I had all though my elementary and high school years - And I really felt a need to reconnect with them, to tell the story of the cats in my life. So I started making these felt dolls."

check out their mysapce : http://www.myspace.com/ghostkitties
visit shop : http://www.etsy.com/shop/GhostKitties?ref=top_trail

Here's preview of dolls


She continues, "The first GhostKitty I made was of Meats, the cat I had when I was around 8 years old. He was just this sweet grey tabby who froze the tips of his ears off one horribly cold winter. After I made the Meats GhostKitty doll, I felt it really brought back his sweet little personality, so I decided that I would make GhostKitty dolls for all my poor dead cats."


"For each one, I try to capture their personality. For example, the GhostKitty of my cat BJ has two heads because he had a very nasty side to his personality as well as a sweet one. I made GhostKitties for all the deceased cats in my life and then friends and family began to request that I make GhostKitties for them too!"


M.J. says, "I realized that it might be something other people would like and that’s why I opened the shop on Etsy! When you order a GhostKitty, you have to fill out a little kitty personality questionnaire and provide a photograph of your cat. Each doll is entirely hand-stitched so they take a long time to make. The whole time I'm stitching, I have a photograph of the kitty I am memorializing in front of me and am meditating on their character. I think this really brings the GhostKitties to life!"


Whether you think the dolls are are cute or creepy, I don't think anyone can disagree that losing a beloved pet can be a devastating event. GhostKitties aim not only to memorialize your dearly departed cat, but also to serve as an everlasting (and interesting!) reminder of their unique spirit.

Cats For A Good Cause: Items You Can Buy To Help Japan

Looking for more ways to help Japan? Many Etsy sellers are currently donating part, or all of the proceeds from some of their items to various relief related charities. Here are just a few examples of cool kitty items you can purchase to help make a difference!

Japan Disaster Relief Doll - Zeropumpkin, $30.00

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this doll will go to the GlobalGiving Project for Japan Disaster Relief.

Needle and Wet Felted Large Beckoning Cat - Mile Post 13, $32.00

Proceeds from the sale of this lucky cat (cost, minus shipping) will go to the American Red Cross Japan Relief Fund.

Cat with Glasses 5 x 7 Photographic Print - Instantt, $15.00

Until March 25th, Instantt is donating the entire listed price of all prints in their Etsy shop to disaster relief in Japan.

Help Japan's Animals Kitty Pet Tag, Luggage Tag, Child ID - EbonyPaws, $10.00

50% ($5) of the sale of this ID tag (also available in a puppy style) will be donated to help Japan's Animals. The seller will be rotating between six organizations, including Animal Rescue Kansai, World Vets, and the American Humane Association.

In addition to the products listed above, click here to view thousands of other cat and non-cat items you can purchase to help benefit the survivors of the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Lieschen Mueller Cat Fashion Dolls

Lieschen Mueller works in a variety of mediums to create whimsical, often cat-related designs. My favorites by far are her funky kitty fashion dolls. These stylish, carefully handmade creations are dressed to-the-nines in the finest designer dudes.

To see more of Lieschen's work, check out http://lieschen-mueller.blogspot.com , where some of the dolls are available for purchase!

The Cat's Out Of The Bags

Love it, or hate it, it looks like the trend of using cats as fashion accessories is here to stay! V Magazine has been offering a sneak preview on their website of a new spread called CAT POWER, featuring dazzlingly colored kitties modeling bags from designers such as Chanel, Dior, and Prada.

No cats were harmed in the making of the article, and the furry models were provided by animal talent agency, All Tame Animals, Inc.

The CAT POWER feature will include additional shots, and can be seen in its entirety in the next issue of V, available on newsstands March, 2011.

Silver Surprise with “Classic Tweed” bag by Chanel

Mittens and Sky Blue with “Striped Canapa” bag by Prada

Sabrina with “Art Deco Trapezio” bag by Louis Vuitton

Rocco with “Papier” python tote by Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière

Patootie with “Blanket Frame” bag by Ralph Lauren Collection

That was few images from the upcoming V Magazine "Cat Power" photo spread, featuring artificially colored kitties posing with pricey pocketbooks. (How many fashion shoots do you know of have their own "cat colorist"?)

Since then, the mag has unveiled more sneak peeks, including this amazing shot of an aubergine colored cat named Sabrina, perched against an equally sumptuous purple Louis Vuitton purse.

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Necono Japanese Digital Camera

I squealed with delight when I discovered this crazy kitty shaped camera on CrunchGear this morning! The Necono Digital Camera, made by the Tokyo-based company, Superheadz, is extremely small (10×3×3cm), and is meant to be carried around like a pet. You can order it online in Japanese for 15,750 yen ($191 USD), with the option of purchasing additional accessories, such as a matching carrying case.

Now as much as I love the camera, I found myself equally enamored with the page describing some of the reasons why you should buy it. So, presented without interruption, here are five (out of seven) reasons Superheadz thinks the Necono Digital Camera is right for you!

1. There is no need for you to say "Cheese!"

This little camera can capture natural and relaxed faces (actually the most difficult faces to capture as photographers may know). Anyone would become stiff by the tension when you are caught by a camera. With a big tough camera, the tension will be big and tough. And with a small camera, the tension will be a small one. But what about with a necono (or cat, in English) camera? Just like how a baby or a pet lightens up communication between a stranger, this camera is capable of transforming the relationship between you and your subject into a happy one.

2. Cat Shape

Its left eye is a lens and the right is a sensor. It allows you to take photos and movies like a cat is taking them. The camera does not carry a monitor , so you cannot see what you are about to take (Ed note: A monitor mount is in production, and will be available in the future). But it is not as complicated as it may seem. All you need is, a little effort to, be a cat. Then you will soon get used to it. Please experience the special excitement of a film camera, not knowing what you have caught. With the dedicated monitor "Monitor Ground" (sold separately), you can use it like an ordinary digital camera.

3. Sticks Everywhere

With magnets at its feet, it sticks everywhere, anywhere, anytime. You can shoot from high up and low down or even tilt it. All these unexpected shots are enabled by this simple magnetic mechanism. Self-timer mode, and interval mode which repeat shooting a photo every second will widen your possibility and creativity. Finding this kitten stuck here and there, will delight your daily life even while it is out of use. In fact, that is the lovable effect we cannot look down on.

4. Whimsical photos with quite a personality

Necono digital camera does not have any of the high qualities that the latest digital cameras out there would possess. Moreover, we may warn you that we cannot promise you infallibility under certain circumstance. Sometimes, it may take in too much light and cause a whiteout, or blur by the movement of your subject; it is “whimsical” and does not always capture what you intend it to. But just as a cat who may ignore your calls, this “whim” will make you love it even more and more. Loaded with a vivid color-mode and a bitter black & white mode.

5. Makes you want to carry around

Compact, light and cat shaped, how can you help from yourself from taking it along with you? A camera that makes you want to walk around with, just like your own pet; is our concept for this camera. Please carry it to wherever you go. You can attach a strap to the tail so it will not fall from your hand, neck or arm. You can always stay together.